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« dne: 22. Marec 2009, 20:29:45 »

Nič še nisem videl da bi se kaj govoirlo o tej postaji..ob branju kritik in pregledov človek ne ve kaj si misnt..eni majo gromozanske težave,drugi ne...cena je cca 70evrov, a kdo kaj več ve?

This new weather station has just been released and offers more features than any other similar product, and all at an amazing price.

Everything you need is included in the box other than 4 AA batteries. You even get a short support mast and clamps to attach the assembled sensors to. There is a generous amount of cable to interconnect the sensors to each other, but as it is WIRELESS, you do not need any cable back to the LCD control console that you use indoors. You can mount the sensors up to 50m away from the LCD panel and not a cable in sight!

Another great feature is the large, touch controlled LCD panel. Being wireless means that you can take the panel anywhere around your house, garden or shed and be able to see all the weather parameters on a screen that is not tethered by cable. Locating your sensors is easy too as it is not goverened by where the wiring should go. If you want to move them, you do not have to worry about re-wiring, IT'S WIRELESS!

Other Features:

No cable connection needed to LCD Monitor
Large touch LCD screen
Atomic locked Date & Time
Indoor / Outdoor temperature
Wind speed and direction
Rain gauge
Indoor / Outdoor humidity
Barometer with pressure trend data
Forecaster and weather alarm
USB connection to PC
PC software control and data programme
Historical data storage and recall
4 x AA batteries required for LCD and 2 x AA for the transmitter

What's in the box!

23 x 14.5 x 3.5cm LCD touch screen and monitor
Wind speed sensor
Wind durection sensor
Rain gauge
Outside temperature / humidity sensor with transmit module
Cable harnes to connect sensors to transmitter
Mounting arms for sensors and hardware
Short stub mounting mast
USB cable
CD with PC software and operating manual
    * Temperature range 0C to 60C (32F to 140F)
    * Temperature Units Measured C or F (switchable)
    * Humidity Range 1% to 99%
    * Humidity Resolution 1%
    * Air Pressure Range 27.13in Hg 31.89in Hg (1.87 - 2.198 Bars)
    * Air Pressure Units Measured hPa, inHg and mmHg

Outdoor Data

    * Transmission distance 140m (450ft) @ 868 MHz
    * Temperature range -40C to +65C (-40F to +149F)
    * Temperature Resolution  0.2F
    * Temperature Units Measured C or F (switchable)
    * Humidity Range 1% to 99%
    * Humidity Resolution 1%
    * Rain Volume 0 - 9999mm (390 inches)
    * Rain Resolution 0.1mm
    * Rain Fall Counter Time Measurement 1hr, 24hr, week, month or total (switchable)
    * Rain Fall Units Measurement mm or inches (switchable)
    * Wind Speed 0 - 100mph (0 - 160kph)
    * Wind Speed Measurement mph or kph (switchable)
    * Wind Speed Mode average or gust (switchable)
    * Measure Interval Thermo-hygro sensor  48 secs
    * Water proof level  IPX3 (rain proof)
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